New Bedford Management (NBM) Owner’s Representatives help execute a wide range of construction capital projects, renovations and restorations to maintain your building and to resolve city violations. We also assist with new construction, additions, interior or shell and core construction projects.

Typical projects include, but are not limited to:

FISP or formerly known as Local Law 11 Façade restorations  


Roof replacement, Solar panel installation, parapet and bulkhead repairs

Interior/exterior projects, coating, Hallways and building wide upgrades  


Elevator modernization

Amenities, Laundry room legalization, Boiler room, Garage restoration  


As the name states, an NBM Owner’s Representative represents the owners throughout the construction process during the entire project, assisting in all phases from planning through execution to closure.

The NBM Owner’s Representative is the “eyes and ears” of the owners and acts as one of them on the job site. This is different from other contractors and vendors on the project who report directly to their managers and primarily prioritize their own company’s interest. We work on behalf of the Board, report only to the Board directly, FOCUSING ON THE OWNERS’ BEST INTERESTS.

NBM Owner’s Representatives manage a limited number of projects in order to be able to DEDICATE their full ATTENTION and provide PROMPT RESPONSES to project requirements as well as board members and resident’s questions/concerns. We are your ADVOCATE in every situation: PROBLEM SOLVING, conflict resolution, negotiation and collaboration with all parties involved during the project.

This is a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE staffed by a team of experienced individuals who have a background in either architecture or engineering, with years of EXPERIENCE managing similar projects.

The NBM Owner’s Representative team works closely together and provides coverage to each other when needed.


NBM Owner’s Representatives help to set up RESERVE ACCOUNTS to help manage the finances of the project.

We assist from the beginning of the project with our 100% TRANSPARENT, controlled and documented BIDDING PROCESS, providing closed bids and video recorded bid openings with the owners or board members.  

We create bid evaluation charts and run insurance background checks through BUSINESS CREDENTIAL SERVICES to help owners make the best decisions. Starting a project with vetted vendors, architects and/or engineers is key to a successful outcome.
As all our members are highly seasoned, we can share our EXPERIENCE from similar projects or situations to HELP owners make well informed decisions.


COMMUNICATION is a key aspect of this role which we provide on the highest professional level.

  Our department keeps clear and accessible RECORDS of every aspect of the project: files, documents, emails, meeting minutes, etc.

The NBM Owner’s Representative posts NOTICES and periodic status updates in the building to keep residents updated on the project. We also keep clear, detailed contact with residents, board members, vendors, architects and engineers and maintain close relationships and day-to-day communication with property managers, superintendents and other building staff.

We are experts in COLLABORATION. We help coordinate with many parties to align vendor schedules and/or to gain access to residential units. We visit the construction site weekly or as required, attend meetings and conference calls with architects, contractors and vendors.

We maintain and provide REPORTS regularly to the owners summarizing status of progress, financial status, open items and provide Earned Value EVALUATION.

The department is supported with its own accounts payable associates to manage INVOICES, AIA pay requisitions, cheques, and all transfers required to provide timely payments to vendors and keep the project uninterrupted.


We provide an OPEN agreement based on hourly fees. The contract can be started and stopped at any time, with no long-term obligation. We provide invoices monthly with a detailed time sheet showing times and work provided with administrative services at a reduced rate.

The service can be tailored to the owner’s needs, for which we provide a PROJECT CHARTER at the project kickoff that clarifies

  1. Communication channels
  2. Authorities
  3. Expectations and goals

Owners may also request to set up a threshold, a limit, per week so your NBM Owner’s Representative will alert you if they have reached a certain number of hours. The owners/board members are in FULL CONTROL of this service during the entire period of the project. New Bedford Management provides insurance for their Owner’s Representatives and requires us to be additionally insured on all vendor contracts and COI (Certificate of Insurance) as well.




Andras P. Joo

Head of Department / Senior Owner’s Representative


George Y. Sawicki, AIA

Senior Owner’s Representative


Albert Delija

Owner’s Representative


Irving Yee, AIA CPHD

Owner’s Representative




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