NBMC is equipped with our COMPLIANCE DIVISION as a proactive solution for New York City’s many regulatory agencies and local laws. Our compliance department tracks every client with sitecompli.com as well as our own internal compliance tracking measures. Our goal is to keep the property safe and code compliant at all times, but with the forever changing laws, violations do occur and we are equipped to process and cure the violation. We calendar all major building system annual events and requirements to make sure your property is in compliance and clear past violations through our in-house expeditor.

Services Provided:

  1. Real Time Violation/Compliance Tracking
  2. Violation Matrix/Status Reports
  3. ECB/DOS/DOT Court Appearances
  4. Tracking:
    • Elevator Inspections (CAT 1 & 5)
    • Boiler Inspections BO-9
    • FDNY Sprinkler Inspections NFPA25
    • 5YR Facade Inspections LL1198
    • Backflow Prevention Devices GEN215B
    • Energy Benchmarking LL84/87
    • Water Tank Annual Cleaning
    • HVAC and Equipment Use Permit
    • Annual Safety Notices



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