Each property is assigned a FINANCIAL ANALYST to assist with cash flow management and budget projections. Financial Analyst will work with the Board/Owner to better understand the building’s cashflow, detail income/expense variance, and draft scenarios for capital projects. They will also create a detailed annual budget or the property.

Each property managed by New Bedford will have their own bank accounts with online Board access. New Bedford is partnered with Sterling National Bank and provides low cost operating accounts and aggressive money market rates.


  • Standard Reports
  • Income and Expense With Budget Variance
  • Resident/Tenant Status
  • Detailed Arrears
  • Unpaid Invoices
  • Cash Distribution
  • Check Register
  • Cash Balance
  • Bank Reconciliation with Bank Statements
  • All Images of Paid Invoices

Our management software has 300+ reports and options. New Bedford can customize your monthly reporting to include any reports your property needs.


  • Dedicated Financial Analyst
  • Annual Budget Projection
  • Long-Term Financial Projection
  • Secure and Manage Debt Service
  • Coop/Condominium Abatement Processing
  • 421a & J51 Administration
  • RPIE Processing
  • Real Estate Tax Protest

Financial Planning

Each building receives an annual budget of operating expenses.

  • Annual Budget
  • Schedule B Allocation, if applicable
  • Annual Income
  • Detailed Monthly Billing
  • Detailed Vendor/Services
  • Utility History with Graphic Data from Supplier
  • Payroll
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Multi Year Income/Expense History
  • Multi Year Budget History

In addition to the normal operating expenses, the Financial Analyst can produce a capital improvement plan. The capital improvement plan addresses vendors services, current cash on hand cash flow, and revenue generating options.



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